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Side Power

Side-Power Thrusters | OEM DC hydraulic motors and equipment

Side-Power thrusters are the chosen brand by the majority of recreational OEM builders and have a growing presence in the commercial field. Reliability, ease of installation and a dedication to product development and improvement have been driving forces behind the popularity of Side-Power thrusters. Side-Power’s innovative proportional DC control of the thruster allows precise movement of the yacht, giving complete confidence in any situation. Side-Power hydraulic systems are tried and tested under the harshest of conditions in both recreational and commercial fields.

Side-Power systems are not only for new builds. Retrofits of thrusters and boat stabilizers help improve the value and usability of any vessel. Sizing of both boat stabilizers and thrusters is critical to the final outcome of any project.

Side-Power bow and stern thruster systems are available in AC or DC electric and hydraulic versions. Models are available for boats from 20 to 100 feet with all the accessories to complete the system


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Sleipner Dual Joystick 12/24 Volt Thruster Control
Sleipner Docking 12/24V Control Panel for Bow and Stern Thrusters
Side-Power Control harness and Y connector, 4-wire, 4m
Side-Power Cable ends only and Y connector (for dual station control), 4-wire
Side-Power Y connector only, 4-wire
SailorSams Price: $23.85
Side-Power Cable ends only (pair), 4-wire
Side-Power Control harness, 4-wire, 4m (13')
Side-Power Control harness, 4-wire, 7m (23')
Side-Power Control harness, 4-wire, 9m (29')
Side-Power Control harness, 4-wire, 12m (39')
Side-Power Control harness, 4-wire, 15m (49')
Side-Power Control harness, 4-wire, 18m (59')
Side-Power Control harness, 4-wire, 22m (72')
Side-Power 12V or 24V Automainswitch & Compact Fuseholder Without Fuse
Side-Power Automatic Main Switch/Fuseholder (without Fuse), Ignition Protected
Side-Power 5-Blade Composite Propeller for SE60, SE80, and SE100 Thrusters
Side-Power 5-Blade Composite Propeller For SE30, SE40, SM30, and SM40S2i
Side-Power 5-Blade Composite Propeller For SE120 and SE150
Side-Power Y connector only, 5-wire
SailorSams Price: $37.13
Side-Power Control harness, 5-wire, 4m (13')
Side-Power Control harness, 5-wire, 7m (23')
Side-Power Control harness, 5-wire, 9m (29')
Side-Power Control harness, 5-wire, 12m (39')
Side-Power Control harness, 5-wire, 15m (49')
Side-Power Control harness, 5-wire, 18m (59')
Side-Power Control harness, 5-wire, 22m (72')
Side-Power 5-Blade Composite Propeller (Pin Drive) for SP35 and early SP440
Side-Power 4-Blade, Composite Propeller For 55S, 75T, 95T, 7HP
Side-Power 4-Blade Composite Propeller, RH and LH
Side-Power 4-Blade Composite Propeller RH & LH
Side-Power 5-Blade, Composite Propeller Upgrade for Gravity Feed Models For 55S
Side-Power Zinc Anode and Screw For Older 10/15/20HP Twin w/ Bronze Props (2 needed)
Side-Power Aluminum Alloy Anode with Screw for 125mm Tunnel Thrusters
Side-Power Aluminum Alloy Anode and Screw For 185mm Tunnel Thrusters
Side-Power Aluminum Alloy Anode and Screw For 250mm/300mm Tunnel Thrusters
Side-Power Aluminum Alloy Anode and Screw for 386mm Tunnel Thrusters
Side-Power Zinc Anode for Older 4, 6, and 7 HP Models w/ 3-Blade Prop
Side-Power ANL 150, 250, 325, 400, or 500 Amp Fuse
Side-Power ANL Fuseholder without Cover
SailorSams Price: $47.70
Side-Power ANL Fuseholder with Clear Cover
Side-Power Battery Disconnecting Switch, 125A cont. SE30/40, SE60/80 (24V)
Side-Power Battery Disconnecting Switch, Single Pole 250A cont.
Side-Power Battery Disconnecting Switch, double pole 250A cont.
Blue Sea Battery Disconnect Switch for units using 150/250/325A Fuse
Side-Power Bow and Stern Thruster Tunnel GRP 185 x 750 x 4mm - Length: 29.5
Side-Power Bow and Stern Thruster Tunnel GRP 185 x 1500 x 4mm - Length: 59.0
Side-Power Bow and Stern Thruster Tunnel GRP 125 x   600 x 4mm - Length: 23.6
Side-Power Bow and Stern Thruster Tunnel GRP 125 x   900 x 4mm - Length: 35.4
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