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Single Bayonet

Single Bayonet, BA15s LED Bulbs replace single contact halogens bayonet bulbs. Cool white, warm white, red, blue, and yellow available with uniform, omni-directional, or direct SMD positioned LED replacements.
Single Bayonet: Products (Products: 7)
12 volt Single Bayonet LED | Uniform x2 | ba15s
12 volt Single Bayonet LED | Uniform x3 | ba15s
Single Bayonet Disc Style LEDs | 3 SMD | ba15s Socket
12 volt LED Bulbs | 18 SMD | ba15s Single Bayonet base
12 Volt LED Vanity light Bulb (10-30vdc), ba15s Single Bayonet base, choice of Warm White 288 Lumens or Cool White 307 Lumens LED
Single Bayonet Tower Style LED | 60 SMD | 12 volt ba15s Bulb
Imtra Mini BA15S Bayonet LED 6 SMD | 12 volt LED Replacement Bulbs