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These 3" to 8" speakers fill out your boat's mids and highs with waterproof reliability and stylish presentation.  Simple to install and use, so you can update your boat or RV with all-weather tolerance speakers that provide peerless sound and clarity. 
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FUSION RV-FS402W Shallow Mount 200W Speaker System - White
FUSION RV-FS402B Shallow Mount 200W Speaker System - Black
Aquatic AV Speaker 1
SailorSams Price: $20.00
Aquatic AV Speaker 2
SailorSams Price: $24.00
Aquatic AV 3 inch Waterproof Spa Speakers AQ-SPK3.0-4C
Aquatic AV Speaker 3
SailorSams Price: $26.00
Aquatic AV 'Hide-away' Transducer Speaker
Aquatic AV Compact Subwoofer
SailorSams Price: $106.00
FUSION 4" Compact Marine Box Speaker - (Pair) White
FUSION MS-CL602 Flush Mount Interior Ceiling Speaker