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Suture Kit for Extreme Emergencies
US Emergency Suture Kit

Suture Kit for Extreme Emergencies

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Surgical and Suture Kit provides the essentials needed to perform minor surgery or suturing. All instruments are made of Surgical HOSPITAL GRADE Stainless-Steel.
In a major disaster or emergency (and it’s always major when it’s you, a loved one or a friend), where immediate field surgery or suturing is needed and you can’t get to a hospital, you may have to do it yourself.  Or perhaps you will run into someone who has the skills but not a suture kit.

Military patterned tri-folding case makes for easy and compact storage. Don’t let your family go without medical attention in an emergency because of lack of available supplies.

Additional Information:

  • Needle holder hemostat (used for suturing)
  • 5? curved hemostat
  • Scalpel handle
  • Sterile scalpel blade
  • Surgical probe
  • Operating scissors
  • Suture lip scissors (rarely offered in kits)
  • 5? Pointed forceps
  • 10 Non-Suture wound closure strips
  • Tincture of benzoin swab (used on skin around wound areas to allow closure strips or bandage tape to stick to the skin)
  • 2 Antiseptic towelettes
  • 2 Alcohol pads
  • 5-0 Black nylon STERILE suture (used for fine external skin and mouth cuts) with attached needle
  • 3-0 Black nylon STERILE suture (used for external muscle skin areas) with attached needle
  • Custom Red* Cordura® tri-folding case
  • (*color/material substitution may be necessary when in high demand)

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