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The Boat Loop MT3-6 | Medium Marine Boat Loop
The Boat Loop Medium MT3-6

The Boat Loop MT3-6 | Medium Marine Boat Loop

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2/17/20- The poles of the boat loops will be white.
The Boat Loop MT3-6 medium marine boat loop extends 3 - 6 ft. to reach beyond boat or dock. Easy docking and mooring. Regular or Extra Large loops fit cleats, posts, dropped items and ropes easily from boat with Medium 3 - 6 foot Boat Loop.

The Boat Loop MT3-6 is a mid-sized unit for boats with storage space.

The MT3-6 extends your effective reach past boat or dock with a 3 - 6 foot extendable pole. Just pull the pole to the desired length and quick lock it into place.

With optional standard or extra large loop (or both!), this compact boat loop is perfect for reaching cleats, posts, dropped items, poles, or ropes whether you are docking, mooring or just on the move.

End cap aids in pushing away or steering clear of objects in the water. Use the small hook for grabbing lines and the larger hook for rescuing items gone overboard.

Optional Loops available:
Extra Large
Standard & Extra Large package

Remove the loop head for easy, compact storage.


Additional Information:

Product Details:
  • Compact 3 - 6 foot extendable pole for easy storage on boats
  • Allows approximately 7 foot reach over edge of boat or dock
  • Soft end cap for easy pushing
  • Optional standard or extra large loops for a secure grasp on anything

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