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The Boat Loop | Marine Boat Loop and Hook Replacement
The Boat Loop Replacement

The Boat Loop | Marine Boat Loop and Hook Replacement

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The Boat Loop marine boat loops work with The Boat Loop Poles to reach beyond boats or docks. Easy docking and mooring. Regular or Extra Large loop fits cleats, posts, dropped items and ropes easily from boat with Replacement Boat Loop.

With optional standard or extra large loop (or both!), these boat loops are perfect for reaching cleats, posts, dropped items, poles, or ropes whether you are docking, mooring or just on the move.

Use the small hook for grabbing lines and the larger hook for rescuing items gone overboard.

Replacement Loops available:
Extra Large
Standard & Extra Large package

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Product Details:
  • Standard Loop: Maximum 9 inch post, 12 inch piling, 19 inch hook
  • Extra Large Loop: Maximum 12 inch post, 16 inch piling, 25 inch hook

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