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TideMinder individual ball
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TideMinder individual ball

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Individual TideMinders can work in conjunction with our 9-Ball Kit.  Keep your rope from rubbing by filling in the gaps around your piling by attaching additional balls to your Tidminder assembly.

If you need a full set check out our TideMinder kits.


Additional Information:

TideMinders ® Features & Benefits
  • TideMinders accept up to 1" line 
  • TideMinders have a 3" diameter 
  • TideMinders float 
  • TideMinders carry a ten year warranty. 
  • TideMinders work with multiple boats simultaneously! 
  • TideMinders are highly durable 
  • TideMinders protect lines against fouling and chafing.
Tideminders balls required for various Piling diameters: 
12" diameter piling requires 9 Tideminder Balls (1 set of 9) 
14" diameter piling requires 12 Tideminder Balls 
16" diameter piling requires 16 Tideminder Balls 
18" diameter piling requires 18 Tideminder Balls (2 sets of 9) 
24" diameter piling requires 24 Tideminder Balls 

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