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TideMinder Kit
Black TideMinder Kit with 9 Balls

TideMinder Kit

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The TideMinder ® system protects boats by controlling dock lines (up to 1" diameter) in tidal waters / storms and is simply amazing.  TideMinders are a highly durable string of "pearls" that protect lines against fouling and chafing.

As the balls roll up and down, they offer constant tension with built in shock absorption. Tideminders eliminate the need to constantly adjust lines during storms and tidal changes. They also allow you to have shorter dock lines, keeping your boat closer to the dock for easier boarding (most boats can be kept as close as 6" to 8" from  the dock with TideMinders).

If you do have a floating dock, TideMinders® enhance the protection of your boat, smooth out the rocking and make it easier to board (these are a must-have for live-a-boards).

If you don't have a floating dock, TideMinders® are a cost-effective solution. With TideMinders, your line will simply roll up and down the piling automatically as forces demand, dissipating the energy naturally.

We sell individual TiderMinders to accommodate any size of piling.



Can be fitted on 12" diameter to 24" diameter pilings
(9 ball set for 12" piling)


Control dock lines up to 1" diameter


Black or White

Additional Details:

TideMinders carry a ten year warranty.

Additional Information:

Don't waste money prematurely building a floating dock. Instead, use TideMinders ® to protect your boat. Tideminder Balls automatically roll up and down pilings! 

TideMinders® work with multiple boats simultaneously!

If you can tie a figure 8 knot, you’re ready to use the TideMinders system (instructions are included). 

One set of 9 Tideminders gives you protection on a 12" diameter piling. For larger diameter pilings, more balls can be added as specified below (Tideminders can be tailored for use on up to 24" pilings). A 9-ball set is perfect for 12" diameter pilings/ 2 sets for 18" diameter pilings. Tideminders can also be purchased individually to add to other size pilings. 

TideMinders ® Features & Benefits
  • TideMinders accept up to 1" line
  • TideMinders have a 3" diameter
  • TideMinders float
  • TideMinders carry a ten year warranty.
  • TideMinders work with multiple boats simultaneously!
  • TideMinders are highly durable
  • TideMinders protect lines against fouling and chafing
Tideminders balls required for various Piling diameters: 
  • 12" diameter piling requires 9 Tideminder Balls (1 set of 9) 
  • 14" diameter piling requires 12 Tideminder Balls 
  • 16" diameter piling requires 16 Tideminder Balls 
  • 18" diameter piling requires 18 Tideminder Balls (2 sets of 9) 
  • 24" diameter piling requires 24 Tideminder Balls 

Customer Reviews View All Reviews

ENVY OF THE DOCK This product works great! No more sway between pilings. Stern tied tight and rises with the tide!
Reviewed by: from San Sebastián river. on 6/5/2021
Rating Given: 5/5 Stars

Tide balls
Great product, we bought 3 sets for out 2 forward pier lines - no more constant tightening lines.
Reviewed by: from Palmetto. on 11/24/2020
Rating Given: 5/5 Stars

Tide Minders
SailorSams is great, love the Tide Minders
Reviewed by: from Port Isabel. on 9/19/2020
Rating Given: 5/5 Stars

Tide minders
Tide minders do a great job of keeping your boat away from the dock at any tide. They also act as a snubber.
Reviewed by: from Yorktown VA.. on 6/29/2020
Rating Given: 5/5 Stars

TideMinder Kit Works great
We have had the TideMinder kit installed for about 2 weeks. It works perfectly. The setup instructions are easy to follow. We were looking for a solution where we were unable to cross our bowlines in the slip. This led to very short bow lines that needed constant adjustments for tide. With the TideMinder our bow(s) rise and fall with the tide and the boat remains centered in the slip.
Reviewed by: from Chespeake Bay. on 6/8/2020
Rating Given: 5/5 Stars

The TideMinders work better than I thought. I went to check during a storm and was very happy and realized I would never have to worry again. My marina has tides that move 6-7 feet between dead low and high tides and TideMinders keeps my boat right where it needs to be.
Reviewed by: from Red Bank, NJ. on 5/20/2020
Rating Given: 5/5 Stars

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