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Traveler Advanced Medical Kit - Red Bag
Traveler Advanced Medical Kit (Blue)

Traveler Advanced Medical Kit - Red Bag

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The Traveler Advanced Medical Kit is an attractive, easy to identify, red or blue medical bag with reflective striping.  The full kit offers access to immediate first aid for a wide variety of medical and trauma problems and gives you the ability to stabilize a patient while awaiting the arrival of 911.

Core Traveler® Advanced Medical Emergency Kits are found on yachts, aboard aircraft, in businesses and homes around the world.

Traveler® Advanced Medical Kit Provides Immediate First Aid to Treat:
  • Stroke
  • Sudden Cardiac Arrest
  • Heart Attack
  • Wounds-Major and Minor Bleeding
  • Fainting and Syncope
  • Infection
  • Eye Problems
  • Spinal Injuries
  • Breathing Emergencies
  • Airway Problems
  • Burns, Heat and Cold Emergencies

Available in a Red or Blue bag to suit your needs!

Additional Information:

  • Automated External Defibrillator with 8 year warranty, 4 year pad-battery & more
  • Pulse Oximeter for taking patient pulse and oxygenation levels
  • Trauma Packs (2), including QuickClot, a hemostatic clotting agent, ABD Pads(2), gloves(2), adhesive tape, 4?x4?(2), clean-up wipes
  • Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor
  • 25-piece Suture Kit, including scalpels, tweezers, povodine iodine and masks
  • Penlight for checking pupils
  • “C” Tank of Emergency Oxygen with regulator and masks
  • EMS Shears to quickly cut off clothing
  • Personal Protection Equipment-gloves, masks and eye wear
  • Eye Wash to quickly clear eye problems in patient
  • Cold Pack to reduce swelling (in First Aid Kit)
  • Bag Valve Mask, Pocket Mask, Airways
  • CPR/AED and First Aid workbook
  • Core’s own Enhanced First Aid Kit including 2nd Skin, Vaseline patches, thermometer, DenTemp, rescue blanket, and more.
  • Additional space for new products and space for your own individual needs
  • 4×4?Bandages, 3×3' Bandages, 2×2? Bandages, Large, Medium Small, Fingertip, Knuckle and other Bandages, ABD pads and other supplies in Enhanced First Aid Kit, Triangular Bandages, and More

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