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Wall Lights

High quality wall lights and shades with base, single arm or double arm mounts. Sailor Sams stylish wall lights run the gamut from contemporary to old school. 12 volt LED and Halogen/Xenon wall lights illuminate rooms while maintaining elegance.
Wall Lights: Products (Products: 9)
BeeGreen LED Devon | 12 volt Wall Light
SailorSams Price: $71.95
BeeGreen LED Piper | 12 volt Sconce Wall Light
ITC Alpine Three Arm Dinette
SailorSams Price: $185.03
Imtra Venice | 12 volt IP20 LED Wall Lamp
SailorSams Price: $111.20
Sylt IP20 LED Wall Light | 12 volt Wall Light
Prebit Rostock | 12 volt IP20 LED Wall Light
Lubeck | 12 volt IP20 LED Wall Light
SailorSams Price: $504.00
Bonn Single Sconce Light | 12 volt IP20 LED Light
Imtra Venice Wall Lamp Shade
SailorSams Price: $12.00