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Anchor Bridles (Snubber Systems)

Anchor bridles reduce strain on the chain rode by attaching to cleats or eye bolts, designed for higher load amounts, and takes a significant amount of force off the windlass when the anchor is set; the relaxed anchor line also slows wear and tear on your entire anchoring rig.  Whether mooring or setting anchor, anchor bridles help silence the noise of chain ride on your boat by effectively removing the jerking and snagging of your chain.

In order to attach a bridle or snubber system to your anchor line or chain simply use one of the chain hooks or snubber pendants you see here.

View all of SailorSams' anchor bridles, snubber pendants, and chain hooks here so you can anchor with ease and clarity.

Anchor Bridles (Snubber Systems): Products (Products: 19)
Mantus 5/16
SailorSams Price: $73.15
Mantus 3/8
SailorSams Price: $109.25
Mantus 1/2
SailorSams Price: $198.05