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Battle Field Buckets | Camouflaged Heavy Duty Rope Handled 5 gallon Buckets
"Gunny" Battle Field Bucket Woodland Camo

Battle Field Buckets | Camouflaged Heavy Duty Rope Handled 5 gallon Buckets

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These custom color Camo Battle "Field Buckets" won't leak when carried.  Battle "Field Bucket" is a full 5 gallon bucket.  Use it for anything. Extra heavy duty marine and terrene material lugging machine.

Every bucket has a duty.  Every serious sportfisherman or "battlewagon" has a bucket and each bucket has probably had its wire handle replaced with a piece of dockline.  The problem with these homemade buckets is that the large holes drilled for the rope allow liquid or chum to slosh out or leak while the knots on the rope won't allow the buckets to stack or "nest" properly.  Space is always at a premium on a boat, and these buckets are specially designed with storage and functionality in mind.

Wire handles can rust, rattle and scratch the custom paint job or finish on the boat.  The 5/8" Round Eurobriad Rope handle in Black on the Battle "Field Bucket" is super comfortable when hauling water, ice, chum and fish - and it can be easily hung just about anywhere and nest with similar Battle buckets.

The Top Shelf Marine patented "Transition Hook" alleviates the problems of a homemade bucket.  Made out of high quality, passivated stainless steel and will not rust or discolor.  This hook employs a unique attachment method so The Battle "Field Bucket" doesn't have holes and doesn't need to be modified.  The "Transition Hook" is installed and permanently attached to a massively comfortable and 5/8" Round Eurobriad Rope handle in Black for great grip with wet or slimy hands.

The 5 gallon Battle "Field Buckets" are made from a thick 70 mil material with a custom "Gunny" wrap.  These buckets are built to last.

Please note that the styles and shapes of the buckets may vary slightly from what is shown.  When ordered in multiples however, each bucket will "match."

These buckets are available in "Gunny" style, a woodland military camo pattern for hunters, shooters and campers.  Buckets come standard with 5/8" Round Eurobriad Rope handle in Black.

Optional Black or White Battlewagon Bucket Lid also available.

Every Battlewagon Bucket is made in the United States.

Additional Information:

Product Details:
  • Full 5 gallon capacity
  • Patented Transition Hook design so contents won't slosh or leak
  • 70 mil White bucket
  • Heavy duty 5/8" Round Eurobriad Rope handle in Black for superior grip and comfort
  • Stainless Steel "Transition Hook" allows for a stackable bucket with no holes or cracks
  • Available in "Gunny" woodland camo
  • Every Battlewagon Bucket is made in the United States

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