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Battlewagon Bucket Reef Scope | Rope Handled 5 gallon bucket with clear bottom
White Battlewagon Reef Scope

Battlewagon Bucket Reef Scope | Rope Handled 5 gallon bucket with clear bottom

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Optional Battlewagon Lid (select one color only)
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Clear Bottom Battlewagon Bucket is a heavy duty, 5 gallon white bucket with a clear, acrylic bottom.  Designed to be able to carry anything that fits with a huge bonus - clear-bottom reef scope utility!  See into water easily and clearly while still being able to carry anything.

The Battlewagon "Reef Scope" Bucket is simply the best clear bottom, 5 gallon bucket available.  The reason is simple: it is a super heavy duty Battlewagon Bucket first and foremost.  The Battlewagon Reef Scope is uncompromising quality and durability in a high quality, clear bottom bucket.

Most clear bottom buckets have the handle removed and a "not to be used as a bucket" sticker added.  Not the Battlewagon Reef Scope with a 5/8 inch Eurobraid rope handle.  Comfortably carry chum, ice, water, fish or anything that will fit - but when you need to peek below the surface of the water just use it in "Reef Scope" mode to see what's going on below.

"Reef Scope" mode gives the user the ability to easily spot fish, lobster, conch or clam, oyster and scallop beds.  Check for fossils, lost items, anchor set and even underwater treasures!  The Battlewagon "Reef Scope" gives underwater visibility without getting wet.

Made from a 90 mil virgin material with a 1/4 inch acrylic bottom lens.  Lens protector included so the bottom won't get scratched.

The Battlewagon "Reef Scope" Bucket comes in white with a navy blue handle.

Optional Black or White Battlewagon Bucket Lid also available.

Every Battlewagon Bucket is made in the United States.

Additional Information:

Product Details:
  • 90 mil White bucket
  • Full 5 gallon capacity
  • Superior UV protection
  • Available as a White bucket with navy blue handle
  • Patented Transition Hook design so contents won't slosh or leak
  • Heavy duty 5/8 inch Eurobraid rope handle for superior grip and comfort
  • Stainless Steel "Transition Hook" allows for a stackable bucket with no holes or cracks
  • Every Battlewagon Bucket is made in the United States
5/8 inch diameter Eurobraid rope handle:
  • Easy on the hands
  • Won't scratch boats
  • Won't rust or deform like a metal handle]
Over spec'd 3/4 inch thick Acrylic lens:
  • Large viewing area
  • Bonded with aerospace quality adhesive
  • Re-useable lens protector included - carry anything without scratching the lens!

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