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Dock Cushions

Dock cushions deflect boats from posts & pylons when docking or boarding to mitigate structural & cosmetic damage to a vessel. Roto-molded & Blow-molded dock cushions available. Roto-mold cushions are available in Standard or Harbor styles with Firm & Flex options. Standard dock cushions range from 3.5" - 5" wide (corners being the exception). Harbor style dock cushions are 12" wide.

Blow Mold dock cushions have air is inserted through a parison into a mass of plastic. The air forces the plastic outward to fit a mold. The resulting cushion is seamless & high quality. Blow molded cushions are less costly than Roto Molded cushions.

Roto molding also creates a seamless product. The difference is that the air is not forcing the plastic to expand. Walls are similar thicknesses – creating a stronger, more uniform product. Roto molded cushions have Firm or Flex options.

Firm & Flex Roto Mold Dock Cushions will not pinch or twist. Firm cushions are harder than the Flex cushion options and are not as durable over long amounts of time. Flex cushions have the feel of vinyl and stay resilient for a longer time.
Dock Cushions: Products (Products: 5)
2-Pack of Firm or Flex Harbor Style Dock Cushion
10-16 Ct. Packs of Firm or Flex Roto Mold Dock Cushions
10-14 Ct. Blow Mold Dock Cushion Cases
SailorSams Price: $192.99
Fold & Go Portable Dock Cushion
SailorSams Price: $128.99
Fold & Go Portable Dock Cushion 6 Pack Case