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Coastal Bucket | Heavy Duty Rope Handled 3.5 Gallon Bucket
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Coastal Bucket | Heavy Duty Rope Handled 3.5 Gallon Bucket

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3.5 Gallon Coastal Bucket is the same quality as the Battlewagon Bucket, but with a smaller footprint.  11 inches tall (12 inch diameter) with a 5/8 inch Euro-Strand Rope with no hole "Transition Hook" connector.

This 3.5 gallon Coastal bucket is more compact than the Battlewagon Bucket.  Easy stowage and stout carrying capability.  This is the finest small footprint bucket available.

With the 5/8 inch Euro-Strand rope and patented stainless steel Transition Hooks there aren't holes.  This means no sloshing or spilling.  No more clunky knot, allowing for easy stacking.

With the optional Battlewagon Lid, this bucket keeps contents dry - from dry chum to food and snacks.

Made from 90 mil "virgin" HPDE material.

Want a bigger bucket?  Check out our Battlewagon 5 gallon Bucket.

The Coastal Bucket comes as a standard White bucket with optional Black, White or Navy Blue colored rope handle.  Black bucket only available with black handle.

Optional Black or White Battlewagon Bucket Lid also available.

Every Battlewagon Bucket is made in the United States.

Additional Information:

  • 3.5 gallon capacity
  • Black or white buckets
  • Compact 11 inch height
  • Made from 90 mil "virgin" HPDE material
  • Heavy Duty 5/8 inch Euro-Strand rope handle
  • Patented Transition Hook design so contents won't slosh or leak
  • Stainless Steel "Transition Hook" allows for a stackable bucket with no holes or cracks
  • Every Battlewagon Bucket is made in the United States

Customer Reviews

Coastal Bucket review
I had been using a standard household bucket with a line attached for my boat chores. I'd toss the bucket overboard and retrieve a full bucket of seawater for anchor wash down. The old bucket was not up to the task. This one is. Very strong, and large enough for the task. The rope handle is a real plus.
Reviewed by: from Vero Beach, FL. on 4/27/2016
Rating Given: 5/5 Stars

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