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Fortress and Guardian Anchor Stowaway Bags

Fortress Marine Anchor Stowaway Bags are rugged bags designed to withstand the harshest marine conditions. Fortress Stowaway bags have pockets installed to secure nuts, bolts, appropriate anchor wrenches and even a spare fluke clip. Bag closure and straps are extra wide Velcro designed to hold the weight of your Fortress and Guardian anchors.

Stowaway bags are shipped with correct wrench sizes, spare fluke clip, bolt and nut at no extra cost. Each bag also has a diagram detailing anchor disassembly sewn inside, making the process of breaking down and storing your Fortress or Guardian anchors an easy task.
Fortress and Guardian Anchor Stowaway Bags: Products (Products: 18)
AnchorSuit for Fluke Anchor
SailorSams Price: $119.95
Fortress Commando Small Craft Anchoring System
Fortress SFX-7 Stowaway Bag f/FX-7
SailorSams Price: $60.99
Fortress SFX-11 Stowaway Bag f/FX-11
SailorSams Price: $64.99
Fortress SFX-16 Stowaway Bag f/FX-16
SailorSams Price: $69.99
Fortress SFX-23 Stowaway Bag f/FX-23
SailorSams Price: $88.99
Fortress SFX-37 Stowaway Bag f/FX-37
SailorSams Price: $91.99
Fortress SFX-55 Stowaway Bag f/FX-55
SailorSams Price: $128.99
Fortress SFX-85 Stowaway Bag f/FX-85
SailorSams Price: $159.99
Fortress SFX-125 Stowaway Bag f/FX-125
SailorSams Price: $167.99
Fortress SG-7 Guardian Stowaway Bag f/G-7
Fortress SG-11 Guardian Stowaway Bag f/G-11
Fortress SG-16 Guardian Stowaway Bag f/G-16
Fortress SG-23 Guardian Stowaway Bag f/G-23
Fortress SG-37 Guardian Stowaway Bag f/G-37
Fortress SG-55 Guardian Stowaway Bag f/G-55
Fortress SG-85 Guardian Stowaway Bag f/G-85
Fortress SG-125 Guardian Stowaway Bag f/G-125