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Fortress Anchors

The Fortress Anchor is the boating enthusiast's choice for safe anchoring. Rust-free, fluke-style anchor touts anodized construction, adjustable fluke angles and specialized machining to provide your floating fortress with specially designed features to increase performance and lifespan.

Each Fortress anchor has adjustable fluke and specially designed Mud Palms to increase surface area of the crown in soft mud for superior anchoring. Switch between 32 degree fluke angle for hard seabed & lakebed and 45 degree fluke angle for soft, mucky mud environments easily and quickly. Employing the 45 degree fluke in muddy bottoms almost doubles the strength of the anchor's hold!

Each Fortress anchor is crafted to the exacting specifications developed over years of experience and engineering. Composed of non-rusting, ultra lightweight and super strong aluminum-magnesium alloy, this anchor will protect your boat for years to come.

Check out the infographic below the products for suggested vessel and anchor size pairings.
Fortress Anchors: Products (Products: 9)
AnchorSuit for Fluke Anchor
SailorSams Price: $120.99
Fortress FX-7 4lb Anchor f/16-27' Boats
SailorSams Price: $165.99
Fortress FX-11 7lb Anchor f/28-32' Boats
Fortress FX-16 10lb Anchor f/33-38' Boats
SailorSams Price: $315.99
Fortress FX-23 15lb Anchor f/39-45' Boats
SailorSams Price: $499.99
Fortress FX-37 21lb Anchor f/46-51' Boats
SailorSams Price: $629.99
Fortress FX-55 32lb Anchor f/52-58' Boats
SailorSams Price: $999.99
Fortress FX-85 47lb Anchor f/59-68' Boats
SailorSams Price: $1,498.99
Fortress FX-125 69lb Anchor f/69-150' Boats
SailorSams Price: $2,198.99
Fortress Anchors are the culmination and execution of years of high-tech materials, manufacturing, research and development. Thousands of real-world tests and reviews are testament to the Fortress Anchor construction quality. This anchor has been used and re-used by thousands in real-life anchoring situations and always come out on top.

All Fortress Marine Anchor products are made in America and include a lifetime warranty.