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Mantus Complete Scuba Rig
Mantus Scuba Pack

Mantus Complete Scuba Rig

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The Mantus Scuba Package is a complete, lightweight scuba rig that is compact and portable.  The complete Mantus diving package is excellent for professional and amateur SCUBA divers seeking a reliable, feature-packed rig that does not compromise on quality.  Includes everything a diver needs to get started!

The entire SCUBA kit includes a 2 liter aluminum tank, first stage yoke regulator, second stage regulator main, second stage regulator spare, underwater pressure gauge, lightweight harness, and heavy duty backpack.

The Mantus SCUBA Rig is current backordered until late October.


Additional Information:

2 Liter Aluminum Tank
  • Can be pressurized to 3000 PSI
First Stage Yoke Regulator
  • Classic piston regulator with the maximum working pressure of 3500 PSI (232 bar)
Second Stage Regulator Main & Spare
  • Non-adjustable second stage
  • Comfortable silicone mouthpiece
Underwater Pressure Gage
Lightweight & Ergonomic Harness
  • Heavy duty
  • Drain holes for storing wet gear
  • Waterproof compartment

Distributor information

This product ships from the following distributor: Mantus Boat Anchors

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