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E-Z Anchor Puller Patriot EZ-3
E-Z Anchor Puller Patriot EZ-3

E-Z Anchor Puller Patriot EZ-3

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E-Z Anchor Puller Mfg. Co. is proud to introduce our new "PATRIOT Series" line of Direct Drive (Power Down Anchor Drop) Drum Anchor Winches. The strongest most durable drum style anchoring systems available worldwide, PATRIOT Series Drum Anchor Winches are made of 316 stainless steel construction.

The PATRIOT series drum anchor winches raise the bar and set a new standard in anchoring systems using ultra high strength materials with efficient, simple, and robust design technology. From the company with the world's first anchor winch in 1990, we are proud to have the first 316 stainless steel motor body with patented internal condensation mitigation and pre-rigged with twin leads for easy installation with a submersible water proof IP68 rating.

Deep water anchoring is a breeze with the PATRIOT series optional Electronic Fast Fall system. After a quick 2 second push of the lower button the patented Electronic Fast Fall controller which is an electronic voltage booster doubles the voltage which also doubles the speed of the motor allowing the anchor to faster fall during anchor deployment at twice the speed of lifting the anchor. Once your anchor line is fully deployed you don't need to tie off to a cleat the PATRIOT will hold the boat at anchor. To retrieve your anchor line and anchor, hold the raise button until the anchor is out of the water and against the bow roller.

All PATRIOT Series Drum Anchor Winches are equipped with an emergency drive key release that allows the drive shaft to free spin and spool out the anchor line in the unforeseen case of power loss or faulty wiring / electronics.

Stronger & Faster than the competition, the PATRIOT Series Drum Anchor Winches offer unmatched performance and reliability. From small recreational boats to Commercial Vessels to 55ft, there is a HERO, PATRIOT or REBEL Series Drum Anchor Winch just right for your boat and backed by our famous 7 + Life Warranty.



Vessel Length 24' - 27' / 8m - 9m

Spool Size 9" (240mm) L x 12" (290mm) Dia.

Power Supply (Dc) 12v

Motor (Watts) 1200w

Circuit Breaker 100 Amp

Net Weight 65 lb / 29 kg

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