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360 Degree Navigation Light Bracket
Mounting Bracket for Anchor Light

360 Degree Navigation Light Bracket

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All Round Navigation Light Mounting Bracket.  Discreet mount allows unobstructed installation for mounting Signal Mate 360 degree All-Round navigation lights.  Stainless Steel, heavy duty bracket won't bend or buckle under pressure.

Plastic isolation washer keeps the bracket and light fixture material separated from one another.  This helps maintain the integrity of your light when tightened.


1/4 inch center hole for mounting Signal Mate 360 degree (All Round) navigation lights.
Two #10 mounting holes.


Stainless Steel

Additional Details:

Holding screw & nut to keep light from turning.
Plastic isolation washer between dissimilar metals.

Additional Information:

Stainless Steel
1/4 inch center hole for mounting light.
Keyed for center line orientation.
Plastic isolation washer to prevent corrosion.
Two #10 mounting holes.
Included, 1/4 x 20 S.S. Screw and lock washer.

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This product ships from the following distributor: Signal Mate, LLC.

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