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CIPA Round Comp Mirror Bracket B874
CIPA Round Comp Mirror Bracket B874

CIPA Round Comp Mirror Bracket B874

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Round Comp Mirror Bracket – Mounts to round windshield frames 0.375 to 1.25 inches in diameter. This bracket allows the Comp Marine Mirror to sit approximately 3" above the windshield. No need to worry about the harshness of the marine environment, this bracket has been durability tested and is made for it!

Additional Information:

  • Designed for use with CIPAs COMP Marine Mirror part number 01300 (M1C), or CIPAs Wave Mirror part numbers 01407 (M1D 2007), 01507 (M1E 2007)
  • Mounts to round windshield frames that are 0.375 to 1 inch in diameter featuring a quick and easy clamp-on mounting system
  • Made from sturdy lightweight aluminum with a black textured finish
  • Complies with QS9000 and ISO 9002 standards and is rust and corrosion resistant
  • Package includes 1 black powder coated aluminum round bracket assembly, 1 main adjustment knob, 2 small adjustment knobs, mirror attachment clip, 1 neoprene strip, and 1 spacer plate with neoprene

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