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DeBond Adhesive Remover
DeBond Adhesive Remover

DeBond Adhesive Remover

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DeBond Adhesive Remover is specially formulated to remove adhesives and sealants without harming Gelcoat, Clear Coat, PlexiGlass, AwlGrip or Imron. It can be used on most cured and uncured polyurethane and polysulfide adhesives, shrink wrap adhesive, decal and tape film, gaskets, seals, caulks, silicone rubber, chewing gum on carpet and much more!

To remove shrink wrap tape residue, start at the top by peeling a corner of the tape. Spray a light mist under the tape as you pull it off. Be sure to catch drips and runs before they come in contact with an unprotected area. Spray remover onto a rag for the last stage of removal. Once finished, clean area with soap and water or Ispropyl alcohol.


4 oz Spray Bottle

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