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International Dock Product Straight Lifting Dock Ladder | 3-7 Regular or Wide Steps
IDP's 5 Step Straight Lifting Dock Ladder

International Dock Product Straight Lifting Dock Ladder | 3-7 Regular or Wide Steps

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International Dock Product's Lifting Dock Ladder.  3-7 regular or wide size steps, marine grade aluminum construction.  Lifting Aluminum Dock Ladder has brackets to slide the rungs up and down to completely remove the steps from the water.  Lifting the steps out of the water is great for keeping the rungs out of the water for floating docks!

IDP's lifting dock ladder has 2 or 4 inch rungs tested to hold up to 250 pounds.  International Dock Products offers a 4" wide step for all of its ladders that is rounded, giving the feeling of more comfort and stability. Like the standard 2" ladder rung, the wide step rungs are grooved to lessen slipping.

This lifting dock ladder is constructed with superior materials and is highly resistant to the corrosive elements of a salt water environment. Sturdy enough to withstand strong weather conditions, International Dock Product dock ladders are able to securely mount on fixed dock or seawall locations.  Stationary Dock Ladders are simple, vertical ladders that provide a hooped top surface for safety climbing onto your dock.  International Dock Product's Straight Lifting Dock Ladders are a step up from other pre-fabricated options.  Fabricated by AWS certified welders followed by a TIG welding process to ensure lasting strength and durability.

The dock ladder can be mounted with four 1/2 inch stainless steel or galvanized bolts with washers by installing two on each side. This hardware is not included!

3 - 7 Step Lifting Dock Ladder with 2 - 4 inch deep steps.  Heavy duty quick release bracket is also available!


Standard mill finish

Additional Information:

  • Width: ~20.25 inch outer diameter (20 3/16")
  • Handle height (from dock/seawall): 21.75 inches
  • Depth of ladder: 14 inches (~12.5" from back of rung assembly to back of ladder)
  • Distance to first step: 12 inches
  • Distance of straight rail with sliding brackets goes 26" below the top of the dock
  • When the ladder is lifted and locked out of the water, the bottom portion with brackets stays below the top of the dock 26"
  • Each step thereafter measures in increments of 12 inches.
  • Dock ladder length is approximately 2' (21-3/4" top loop) plus 1' for each step (rung). So the 7 step dock ladder is approximately 9' overall length.
Product Details:
  • 1-1/4" I.D. pipe construction
  • Excellent for docks and seawalls
  • Tested capacity of 250 pounds per rung
  • Available with 3, 4, 5, 6, or 7 steps/rungs
  • Available with 2" (standard) or 4" (wide) tread depth
  • Heavy duty quick release bracket is also available for this ladder
  • Simple, two-piece design makes installation and seasonal storage easy
  • Manufactured from 6063-T5 marine grade aluminum that resists corrosion
  • Extruded aluminum treads have non-skid channels without sharp edges for slipless climbing

Distributor information

This product is manufactured by: International Dock Products

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