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Stainless Steel Ring Toss Game
Stainless Steel Ring Toss Game

Stainless Steel Ring Toss Game

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Relax and enjoy conversation while you play the high quality Ring Toss Game.  All hardware is completely 304 Stainless Steel so this game won't rust or sag over the years.  Only one hand is required to play, so you can savor a drink and play!

A conversation starter, this Ring Toss Game breaks the ice and is a joy to everyone watching or playing.  The rules are simple: get the ring around the hook and have fun.

Super simple installation coupled with straightforward game mechanics mean you will spend less time setting up and learning the rules, and more time making memories.

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Product Details:
  • Easy to learn and enjoy
  • Put it anywhere you can screw a hook
  • Made from 304 stainless steel, so it will last for years
  • Super simple and fast installation.  Screw, tie and play!

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