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Vimar 8000 Series 2 Module, Square, Snap-Fix Cover Plate for 08531 Frames
Vimar 8000 Series VM08636.A / 08636.A 2M Ivory Cover Plate for 08531 Mounting Frames

Vimar 8000 Series 2 Module, Square, Snap-Fix Cover Plate for 08531 Frames

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2-module cover plate for 3-module flush mounting boxes.  Anodized aluminum, snap-fixing construction with gold, ivory, bronze, and white colors available.  This cover plate is installed on 3-module frames (mounting frame 08531) and sports two modules for two independent, single module switches.

These cover plates are SPECIAL ORDER and have low stock; special orders take 3 or more weeks for delivery.  Please contact us to check stock.

Additional Details:

Modules: 3 total with 2 switch holes

Additional Information:

  • Class: Cover frame for domestic switching device
  • Size: 3 module cover plate
  • Number of units: 2
  • Number of units horizontal: 2
  • Number of units vertical: 1
  • Suitable for flush-mounted ins: Yes
  • Suitable for wall duct: No
  • Material: Metal
  • Material quality: Aluminum
  • Surface protection: Anodised
  • Type of surface: Matte
  • Color: Bronze, ivory, gold, and white
  • Type of fastening: Clamp mounting

Distributor information

This product ships from the following distributor: Imtra

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